Window Cleaning

Having clean windows is not only great for the appearance of your home, but also for your perspective.

Our procedure is a hands on approach with hand scrubbing, and squeegeeing. We also have a water purifying, 4 stage pole system to reach windows up to 50’. This system is designed to purify the water and leave the windows with a crystal clear view.

We clean your windows sills, screens and casements too. You’ll not only see clearly out of your windows, but you’ll have a clean appearance to the entire window. HEPA vacuuming of interior sills can also be done on request.


How will you clean my windows?

We pride ourselves by using a hands on approach. Your windows will be cleaned by use of a cleaning solution and a microfiber applicator. The window is removed of bugs, debris and dirt. Then the edges are dried by a cotton towel. And lastly, the windows are squeegeed clean to leave a spotless view.

Do you use ammonia?

No. We use a professional window cleaning solution, specially designed to leave a spot free appearance.

Do you use scrapers?

Occasionally. This is done on a case by case basis. If there is excess debris that fine steel wool cannot remove, sometimes a blade is necessary. This will never be done if it will harm your tinting or your glass.