Upholstery Cleaning

We use the hot water exaction cleaning method, with a special upholstery tool to get your furniture looking new.


  • First furniture is thoroughly vacuumed and sprayed with a pre-spray cleaner. If there are any visible stains, these are also treated.

  • Then, furniture is hot water extracted using a special upholstery tool to loosen and remove dirt and debris.

  • Last, furniture is groomed and left to thoroughly dry before use.


Due to the method of cleaning we use, cleaning cotton furniture is done on a case by case basis. Moisture left on cotton fibers can lead to discoloring and special precautions need to be taken. We highly recommend spot cleaning this type of furniture with a white cloth dampened with water, or paper towels. (Do not use anything with print or colors)



We have the appropriate cleaners necessary to properly take care of your wool furniture. Andrew is Woolsafe® certified to provide your furniture with the best clean possible.


Synthetic Fibers

Most furniture made with synthetic materials respond well to the hot water exaction method, more easily removing visible stains.